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Dualitik — Taktil - (Original Mix)
Release date : Oct. 12, 2012
Label : IAMT
  1. Dualitik -Taktil - (Original Mix)

Press Info:


And now it’s time for 20th shot from IAMT. Leader of this release is incredible rising duo from Barcelona – Dualitik. Guys prepared original track, added some tasty synths and clever stabs. Vocal sample makes an anthemic appearance at the moment of the hook. So you really need this one in your charger! :)Raul Mezcolanza didn’t miss a chance to remix it. He reduced bass line a bit down to make it more groovy. Percussion parts fit track pretty cool so we’ve got a real killa as result!Also here you can find first remix from Deep Voice for IAMT. Strong synths and crazy breakdown blow up your dance floor instantly. Don’t miss this hot and tasty EP!