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Supreme Trax Vol.2
Dualitik, Tesla — Nu Techno Connection - (Original Mix)
Release date : Aug. 20, 2012
Label : IAMT
  1. Dualitik & Tesla - Nu Techno Connection (Original Mix)

Press Info:

Here we go with second various artists sampler at IAMT label! Once again more then 10 tracks and more then one hour of pure modern techno therapy! We are really glad to meet all these artists and friends here: Da Fresh, Alan Wools, Dualitik, Tesla, Kirill Mixer, Pe And Ban, DJ Mandraks, Balthazar & JackRock, Serhio Vegas, Egoism, Min & Mal, Andy Mart, Deep Voice, Alex MilLenium, Marc Systematic. Artists gathered here to rock your floors with their new hot tracks.As usual we push intensive stuff at our label and this compilation is one more step to approve it. We really hope that you will feel the August vibes of IAMT and our tracks will help you to start the new club season with this hot essential compilation of new tracks!