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Sonar Off Showcase, 2012 Sonar Off Barcelona – Gate Null Showcase
Dualitik — Alkalina - (Original Mix)
Release date : Jun. 11, 2012
Label : Gate Null Recordings
  1. Dualitik - Alkalina (Original Mix)

Press Info:

Gate Null Recordings presents its showcase at SONAR OFF FESTIVAL in Barcelona with this amazing compilation. 17 pumping techno and tech house tracks to rock all the international dance-floors ! An incredible release with international and featured artists such as: Andrea Frisina, Spartaque, Christian Cambas, AnGy KoRe, Dualitik, Michael Schwarz, Pirania, Slackers Project, Flex, Nebster, Paul Funkee, Nicolas Cuer, Gitech, Sobar, Gorziza, Dani Sbert, Darpa, Alessandro Spaiani, Techno Animals, Neofit, Mimax, Dehix, Dolby D, Dastin. Don’t miss it !