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Lowkey & Kardinal,Dualitik,Cristian Cambas,Vincent Hiest,Digital Session,Ruty — PANIC ROOM-(Dualitik Remix)
Release date : Nov. 30, 2015
Label : Electrovino Records

Press Info:

Lowkey & Kardinal are back with a gigantic new single under the name of Panic Room.
Electrovino Records is proud to work once again with these two leading artists of the French techno scene, especially when they make a track such as Panic Room. These two producers are regularly going up the charts, there is no need to present their own musical style and everyone knows what they are capable of. Listen to this new weapon of mass destruction and you will love it for sure!

Obviously, we didn’t want to stop there. Therefore, we offer you a remix by a well-known artist from Greece who no longer needs introduction. It is the turn of Christian Cambas to join the EVR team with his dynamic and relentless rework of Panic Room.

For the first time on Electrovino Records as well, we have appealed to the duo from Barcelona Dualitik in order to make the second remix. Indeed, they have given us an original and well-done re-interpretation, which will get you lots of nice sound sensations.

To finish off, the three owners of the record label Vincent Hiest, Ruty & Digital Session have also participated in this new release. Vincent Hiest has built a remix as a soloist this time and his version reflects his own unique dimension. Ruty & Digital Session have worked hand in hand and the result gives an electrifying aspect to Panic Room. Their respective remix will easily suit the techno fans, no doubt about it.

The team hopes that you will appreciate this 24th release on Electrovino Records and we wish you to become fond of it.