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Funk Cakes EP
Dualitik, Optmuss — Funk Cakes EP
Release date : Dec. 16, 2013
Label : Audio Elite
  1. Dualitik, Optmuss -Funk Cakes EP (Original Mix)

Press Info:

Dualitik, Optimuss “Funk Cakes EP” RELEASE DATE : 16-12-2013 Christmas is on the doors guys and we decided to be good people for once in the year! We couldn’t do it better that with the magic return of our friends DUALITIK, which this time teamed up with the new revelation OPTIMUSS. For once AE returns on the old style , with two tracks that are a pure concentrate of good techno, where tech and groovy influences will leave no breath to your crowd. Dualitk really knows what EDM means and they gave here another masterful proof. Optimuss is surely set to rock the upcoming 2014 with his particular style and we are happy to welcome him on board as well. Really two top notch productions for all our fan