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Casher Et Chassser EP
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Biohazart, Beeswax — Casher Et Chassser (Dualitik Remix)
Release date : Apr. 16, 2012
Label : IAMT
  1. Biohazart & Beeswax - Casher Et Chassser (Dualitik Remix)

Press Info:

Now is the time to present you 9th release of our imprint IAMT. We are running traditions and keeping the sound-line of our label pretty well. The new track of BiohazArt & Beeswax helps us to prove it. Well mixed swinging baselines and nasty percussion loops, rising pads and side-chained white noise impacts – the best combination for etalon of minimal-techno sound. Outstanding dance-floor killer.That’s not the end – of course we want to congratulate Dualitik with the debut on our label. We are big fans of guys’ work and their remix is the brilliant example of it. These talents once again gave us opportunity to extend our playlists with one more, huge track!