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Aura E.P
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Dualitik — Aura EP
Release date : Sept. 09, 2013
Label : Baptism Records
  1. Dualitik - Aura (Original Mix)
  2. Dualitik - Sonar (Original Mix)

Press Info:

The Catalonia region of Spain is a proud place. From the museum glorifying the weird and wonderful paintings of Salvador DalĂ­ to the reverential following of FC Barcelonas free-flowing football, here we have a people who are not shy of celebrating their successes. With the release of the Aura EP, Dualitik inch ever-closer to joining the pantheon of hallowed Catalonian greats. Dualitik, aka Mac Deey and Diego Varea, are a DJ and tech house production duo from Barcelona. In 2009 they relocated north to the neighbouring city of Tarragona, where they moved into a music studio and began crafting a blueprint for the kind of progressive, powerful and outright fun tech house that they felt was conspicuously absent from the European club scene. Since then Dualitiks energetic DJ sets have thrilled crowds in some of Europes best-loved clubs, while released tracks have garnered glowing support from tech house bastions like Umek, Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin. So what of the new EP? The eponymous Aura sees Dualitik race out of the blocks: a snappy, upbeat, helter-skelter track – all fizzing synths and sharp filters. Its built around a writhing bass synth that wriggles menacingly between immaculate beats, swelling furiously as the mix progresses. Net result? A bone-shaking, ball-busting slab of tech house aimed squarely at the dance floor.B-side Sonar is similarly emphatic. Amid astro-bleeps and chunky beats, the focus is on a fizzy, fidgety synth riff that races along the aural canal with unapologetic vigour; a paean to the beautifully dizzy disorder of a busy dance floor. Which is exactly where Dualitiks full force will be most keenly felt.One for the record bag then? Of course. But whats most laudable about this EP is its honesty, eschewing the spectral dissonance of most progressive tech house in favour of a straight-up, dance floor-ready belter thats as fun as it is memorable. In short Dualitik are wearing their hearts on their sleeves; their sound as true as ever to their sonic values.Must be that Catalan pride.